8 songs that will take you back to your magnificent emo past

March 2, 2016

Music | by James Joseph

The Used – The Taste of Ink
If you were anything like us, you drove miles to get to the nearest Used concert, in your friends battered 4×4 singing Taste of Ink all the way there through the night. Until you arrived at the venue and they dropped Taste of Ink and you still lost your mind how good it sounded live. [… Maybe just our experience]

Hawthorne Heights – Ohio is for Lovers
Hawthorne Heights was definitely one for the stereo. ‘Ohio is for lovers’ played in your room on your iPod, or if you were lucky enough, the completely clear 12 inch vinyl from their album. Either way, it was one to enjoy alone.

Underoath – A Boy Brushed Red Living in Black and White
Can you feel your heartbeat racing? Can you taste the fear in her sweat? What twenty-something doesn’t have that line carved into their mind. Underoath’s entire ‘They’re only chasing safety’ album was one of the hottest releases to come out of the 2000s emo scene. We had it on repeat for a solid year.

Head Automatica – Beating Heart Baby
You were probably at a Carling Academy[remember those?], and the floor was sticky with overspilt Carling and Snakebites & Black. You were definitely worse for wear, and then Beating Heart Baby hit the sound system and suddenly it was like the start of the night all over again!

Coheed and Cambria – Welcome Home
Remember the first time you heard Coheed and Cambria? It was like a film score, a spaceship and your favourite music had all just slammed together and created some kind of magic. ‘Welcome Home’ was that song, a serious classic, and one you’re not ashamed to have copied across from your iPod and Napster, to Spotify.

Finch – Letters To You
Ask any grown-up emo what they used to listen to and they’ll scream ‘I miss you!” in your face. Well, perhaps not that aggressively. But still, Finch’s ‘Letters To You’ was possibly THE track. Everyone has their nostalgic moment with the track, bringing back memories with every listen.

Brand New – Jaws Theme Swimming
Brand New was the coolest of all. Jaws Theme Swimming was definitely the one you played to your girlfriend/boyfriend. It gave you respect, and said what you needed it too. Also one of the best bands to come out of that generation. By the time we got to see them perform it was already in arenas. The tour where they supported Incubus? Mind-Blowing.

Taking Back Sunday – Cute Without The E
Finally, the anthem. ‘Cute without the E’ was surely the anthem of a generation. Instantly recognisable to all of us grown-up emos. Taking Back Sunday took the early 2000s by storm, so much so that ‘You’re so last summer’ nearly made it to this list too.

Now rush to Spotify, and make that nostalgic playlist! Reminisce in the past!