Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty Closes

August 10, 2011

Arts and CultureFashion | by James Joseph

When Daphne Guinness was interviewed on ShowStudio recently she stated about fashion; “I think there is only one that is art, McQueen

The people on this earth always show their appreciation or disgust in action, and that is exactly what has happened with the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty Exhibit.

The MET has released figures for the exhibition and they are quite frankly staggering. Over 650,000 people went to see Alexander McQueen‘s art, it became the most popular exhibit ever for the costume institute and 8th most popular for the MET. Only bigger numbers were seen at exhibits such as “Treasures of Tutankhamen” with 1,360,957 visitors, and the Mona Lisa, which saw 1,077,521 visitors in just one month.

When you think of the grand scheme, Tutankhamen and the Mona Lisa are iconic achievements of human history, they are some of the most important discoveries and artistic expression in our race. For Alexander McQueen to even come close to these is extraordinary, it really does cement him as the icon and pioneering artist that those imagine him to be.

It’s here that we could drone on about legacy; but the fact is, that word, legacy is astronomically important. It’s the word that defines us, the word that matters.

Alexander McQueen through his extraordinary talent, through his vision and through being an extraordinary human being has created a legacy that seems like it will only grow and evolve throughout human history. His message will carry on into the foreseeable future, and that, is a truly beautiful thing.

Could McQueen have become the spirit of fashion?

To find out more on the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty Exhibition click the link.

platos collection by alexander mcqueen