Alpinestars x DSC ‘Bloodbrothers’ vein leathers

July 28, 2015

Fashion | by James Joseph

Alpinestars have partnered with Death Spray Custom, the London based artist David Gwyther for a brand new project.

Gwyther is famous for his moto-centric, bright and brash artistic style. Having showcased a series of custom car bonnets in Shoreditch last year, or his “Lady Cans” series, which saw the artist paint jerry cans as high fashion handbags.

DSC and Alpinestars have collaborated numerous times now, and it’s obvious why, the two fit together like a motorcycle glove fits a rider.

This time we see the ‘Bloodbrothers’ leathers, which mimics the circulatory system, seeing veins and arteries flow all over the body. Perhaps the stark reminder to the fragile human body underneath the superhuman seeming motorcycle rider.

We love this design, you can find out more about it at Alpinestars Reserve or for DSC visit Death Spray Custom

Alpinestars DSC bloodbrothers leathers

Alpinestars DSC vein leathers