Anatomie London Pop-Up

July 21, 2015

Fashion | by James Joseph

The fantastic A La Disposition have formed a new platform for dark aesthetic in fashion, opening a pop up store dedicated the the best designers in the dark fashion movement. Designers including, Jay Briggs, J. Smith Esquire, and of course A La Disposition themselves are all taking part.

We investigated on opening night, and found jackets made from carbon fibre, beautifully designed leather caps, and fragrances based on the periodic table. It’s certainly one to check out, especially if you’re into style noir.

The Pop-Up is located in the very apt surroundings of Shoreditch, taking place within Old Street Station. Open from 8am – 10pm every day, from July the 20th to July the 26th.

ananatomie london pop up store

ananatomie london pop up store

a la disposition fragrance

a la disposition