Angel of the Abyss

January 6, 2012

Illustration | by James Joseph

Submerged in a silent, aqueous void, an ocean of beautiful emerald green and cerulean. Above, colours merge into oil like patterns, a dancing, shimmering surface, as if supernatant ballerinas performing a ritual for the eden above.

Floating, rising, drifting through frictionless fluid, a singular body arched back, fingers stretched open, streams of perfect bubbles leaving a trail of the creatures absence, from the darkened abyss to the allure, the hypnosis of the reflecting surface…

Ever softening lips and fragile porcelain skin emerge into the crisp air of this arcadia, like sea spray gently raining down, invigorated by the freshness, the scent, the magnificent raw feeling of nature. As sight is gently captured in moments of crescendo, the most peculiar, yet hypnotic fog descends, as if a cold winters morning, lost in a tropical forest.

For a siren awakes within this emerald wonderland, surrounded by a breathing mist that time forgot, protecting its sacred entity. A place where imagination and creativity grows like time lapsed flora, a place where this angel of the abyss is truly free

Dedicated to: Anne von “Blondie” Bengard.

Words and vision by: James Joseph
Illustration by: Olivia Rose