Basic Instinct

December 2, 2012

Arts and Culture | by James Joseph

Basic instinct was released in 1992 and has grossed $350 million at the box office since. For many it is the greatest Neo-Noir film to have been released to this day.

The two main characters are played by Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone. Who simply work as the perfect duo for an unstoppable force and immovable object scenario and as the story progresses it becomes clear just how well these two work together.

Sharon Stone’s character Catherine Tramell has been noted as one of the best film villains of all time, and is still revered today. The archetypical femme fatale nature of Tramell is what makes this film such a leader in neo-noir. Constantly playing on psychology and the human mind to keep the audience captivated right to the very end of the movie.

Originally Kim Bassigner was recommended for the role of Catherine Tramell, but declined. As Sharon Stone created one of the greatest performances of her career with Tramell, it was a fortunate decline.

The ending of Basic Instinct leaves a heightened cliff hanger, which leaves the story unresolved, leaving the audience to make their own minds up. However, in Basic Instinct 2, Catherine Tramell makes a passing statement in which resolves the plot of Basic Instinct.

At the time of release Basic Instinct also created huge controversy. Leading to riots in San Fransisco. The controversial anger stemmed from American Gay rights protesters who were upset at the portrayal of a bisexual woman as a murderous sociopath.

basic instinct