Become Untamed with the Mercedes Benz CLA

March 1, 2013

Arts and Culture | by James Joseph

Untamed_poster_stylenoir copyMercedes-Benz have created possibly the most exciting project we’ve heard of over the last year. A completely digital photo installation, powered by Instagram.

The installation is inspired by the brand new Mercedes-Benz CLA and is called the Untamed Installation. Once more absolutely anyone can take part, with the possibility of your photos being shown in a live exhibition in Paris in April 2013.

The idea of #Untamed is to curate the most unusual and unique images for the installation in Paris, allowing anyone who dares to take part to show off their distinctive style. Following the campaign’s creative principle “The natural enemy of the average” or “Nature’s answer to commodity”.

Each image is given an #Untamed Score, which shows how different each individuals style is from all the other participants. The whole installation will portray a rotating series of pictures, creating an installation of continuous change.

We’ve already taken part in the installation, so inspired by the Mercedes-Benz CLA design, that two of our images feature parts of the CLA in a mini artwork. To take part, simply submit your own Instagram images via Just click the link, add your Instagram, and you can see just how unusual and original you are with the #untamed score. You can even print out a poster of your images and score [see above].

We are super excited about the Paris installation and just as excited about the new Mercedes-Benz CLA. With its simply beautiful design and aggressive performance there is no doubt why the #untamed name has been attached to this incredible car.

mercedes benz Untamed

mercedes benz cla exhibition