Blackblessed Symbols Print Skirt

January 2, 2014

Noteworthy | by James Joseph

This Blackblessed skirt is totally badass, adorned with religious, zodiacal and russian masonic symbols it’s sure to have the ‘good guys’ running for the hills.

The Limited edition, high waisted pleated skirt is pretty much a staple of any dark style wardrobe, and it’s one of our favourite pieces from the last year. Once more you know that with BB you’re going to get a well researched and thought-out symbolical ideal. There’s nothing worse than an upside-down crucifix!

With its limited edition capacity and the fact Blackblessed will be bringing out a new collection soon, be sure to grab it quick!

Get the Blackblessed Symbols Print Skirt from the brand via the aforementioned link.

blackblessed symbols print skirt