Blossom Of The Night

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By James Joseph

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A hidden beauty, restrained from daylight. Life’s poisonous oasis. The flora of Black Dahlia, the Queen of the Night, cursed to never show beauty whilst in sunlight. A toxic burst of colour against the crisp, yet gloomy night air.

Darkness beholds such beauty aside from the romance of death and destruction. A seductive, alluring beauty of those kept firmly in the shadows, those tormented by a blur of delicacy and power.

A collaboration between photographer Bella Kotak and fashion designer Karolina Laskowska moulds a juxtaposition of dark romance with luxury flora to create this alluring and hypnotic editorial ‘Blossom Of The Night’

Photographer: Bella Kotak
Model: Little Twiglet
Lingerie and accessory design: Karolina Laskowska
MUAH: Lydia Pankhurst





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