Celebrating three years of Stylenoir Magazine in print: A look back

May 21, 2016

Fashion | by James Joseph

With our sixth issue set to be released in early June, it dawned on us at Stylenoir Magazine that is has now been three years since we ventured from the digital void into traditional print.

From the first print issue Retribution to one of my personal favourites Utopia, and the party that accompanied it. To Affinity set to be released in June 2016. We’ve had some great individuals involved, from Lorn, Eve Savail and Trish Summerville to Placebo, Luke Newberry and Chloe Black.

With the Affinity issue looming on the near horizon, we thought it’d be cool to reflect on the Utopia event, with our friends and influencers; Blackblessed, George Threadingham, Kitty Cowell, Lydia Pang, Lou Bones, Simon Preen, and Veronika Vesper.