Chloe Black: Death Proof

August 19, 2016

Music | by James Joseph

We alluded to Chloe Black’s upcoming ‘Death Proof’ release back in issue six of Stylenoir just a couple of months ago. But now the track is out, and it’s another exciting ode to hedonism.

The track is as soulful as ever, Chloe’s signature tone. But this time with a big, fulfilling chorus. The production by ‘TMS’ lays down an epic radio-ready track, with obvious Tarantino influences throughout the track.

On the vision behind the track, Chloe explains:

“There have been many studies regarding the fact that teenagers take more risks with their lives than children or adults. Scholars can’t seem to agree on why this is or what evolutionary purpose it serves but most tend to view this as a negative side of youth. I find that there’s a certain beauty in recklessness if you happen to survive it. – So far so good.”

Listen to Death Proof on the Soundcloud stream below.

Chloe Black is performing in Los Angeles on the 19th of August. She will be performing at Lost Angeles Disco, with another of Stylenoir’s favourites – Tamara Sky. Tickets and more information can be found at

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