Chloe Black releases new song – Groupie

April 9, 2016

Music | by James Joseph

Chloe Black has been one of our favourite hot new talents for a while now. The brooding singer appeared in our ‘Hocus Pocus’ issue. We’ve been fans ever since.

Chloe’s break came with the infectious, yet darkly lyrical ’27 club’. Since then she has gone on to produce a beautifully conceptual music video for her track – ‘Wild at Heart’, and now released the new song ‘Groupie’.

The singer explains the vision behind the new track:

“I like to imagine them as Russ Myer style heroines. Dangerous and free. Slut-shaming is very much a big issue worldwide, even amongst the privileged. I want to celebrate the ‘bad girls’. ‘Good girls’ don’t make history.”

It’s that attitude we love. Both the rebellious and empowered spirit, combined with raw vocal talent.

There is now doubt that Chloe Black is one of the year’s most exciting voices, with her vocal tones being compared to greats such as Winehouse. Keep watching this space.

Singer Chloe Black