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By James Joseph

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clarks originalsOver the last 60 years Clarks has become a British icon in footwear. An icon known for its authenticity and great footwear. This year Clarks Originals have teamed up with Record Store Day, an exciting concept which takes place on the 20th of April 2013.

Not only is it a great initiative but it really shows what Clarks are capable with their originals brand. It creates a much more youth orientated collection which can only be a good thing for the brand whilst showcasing some fantastic footwear designs.

Marijke Bruggnik, Clarks Originals Head Designer states:

“authenticity is really important with how we design our shoes, at originals, it’s trying to make a really authentic, honest product that people will like”

One of the best from the Clarks originals collection has to be both the men’s and woman’s Desert Boot. The desert boot was actually the first Clarks ever made in 1949 by Nathan Clark himself. It has since become one of Clark’s most popular boots and is our Clark’s originals favourite.

For 2013 the Desert Boot has had a few new colourways in accordance to the partnership with Record Store Day, hosting a number of patterns of vinyl records and patent leathers, to replicate the effect of vinyl onto the footwear.

To find out more about record store day and Clarks fantastic new designs and vinyl prints simply visit clarks via the link above, or check out the video below where head designer Marijke Bruggnik, Michael Kurtz co-founder of Record Store Day and the band chosen to fly the flag all talk us through the new and exciting project.

clarks originals

marijke bruggnik

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