Dark Decor

September 24, 2014

Arts and Culture | by James Joseph

We always seem to struggle to find cool stuff for around the house, especially for our aesthetic. Sure we have the style down, but decor is more difficult. But we were super excited to find The Great Gift Company recently. A quick browse seemed to get longer and longer as we found the kind of cool decor that all of our readers would love.

So here it is: Our favourite decor and gifts. It may be geeky, it may be dark. But hey, that’s what we all love here.


What’s better than a mug turned to look like Robocop? Well; that said mug with a pun in its name of course! The Robocup is possibly one of our favourite mugs ever. As GGC state “This is no ordinary cup. This is a desk-patrolling, crime enforcing mug”.

His stern face is enough to protect your drink, but if one of your friends tries to use it without your permission, you have our approval to use that infamous phrase. “Come quietly or there will be… trouble”.

metal skull
Memento Mori Skull

The skull is the ultimate of any dark decor, but finding the right one is as hard as finding ‘that’ pair of jeans or ‘that’ favourite leather jacket. Finding a luxury ‘high end’ version is very hard, but as soon as we saw the offering from GGC we instantly wanted it.

It’s beautifully cast in brass metal with a silver finish. It is a decent size too, something you can have on the bookshelf or mantle, without it being too ominous. If we’re honest we would want a few scattered around the house, in an artistic reminder of mortality.

cookie jar
Death Star Cookie Jar

Yes, there is a cookie jar of the death star. This is so ridiculously cool it might implode.

I assume only Star Wars fans are going to get that reference, but then again who doesn’t know of the Death Star’s inevitable doom. It’s such a great idea and it looks amazing, the ceramic detail making it a brilliant replica of the Death Star.

We assume your mates will be less likely to steal those cookies too, putting your hand in the Death Star is not exactly predictable of a safe outcome!

zombie shower gel
Zombie Shower Gel

What’s better than washing yourself in biological hazard related to the ever rising zombie apocalypse?

Ok we’ll come clean it’s only green gel, after all being turned into a zombie would actually suck. But it looks like one of the coolest additions to any bathroom.

Hang it from the hook like an IV bag and hey presto, instant bathroom decor and fun.

Check out more from The Great Gift Company from the link above. We’re off to buy all four of these!