Dark Dressers: Adam Katz Sinding

April 10, 2014

dark dressersFashion | by floriana serani

What does a typical day in the life of Adam Katz Sinding involve?
Priority: Wake up!!! This is probably the most trying part of my day. #2 coffee. I’m from Seattle. So help me God. #3. Try to take photos SOMEONE may want to look at. This is the fun part. #4, Hell. Editing. 6-10 hours starting at a computer. Keystrokes. I run too…10k minimum…if “hell” doesn’t take over.

Which are your wardrobe staples and why?

Black jacket, black T, Black jeans, black boot/s sneakers, beanie, Amy Glenn rings, Bell & Ross Phantom watch, Zana Bayne harness for my camera.

What’s your favourite item in your closet?

It’s embarrassing…probably my COS T shirts… 18€. I own 7000$ jackets and my shit T Shirts are still my go to.

How would you describe your personal style?

Black. Slim. No matter how fat I get.

Where do you shop?

L’éclaireur, Vertice, Antonioli, H Lorenzo. Duane Reade.

You style icons?

Simone Cecchetto, Emmanuelle Alt, Zika Liu, homeless people.

4 most important moments that influenced your style…

Birth, walking, receiving camera, death (tbd)

Check out Adam’s wardrobe below, and Adam’s awesome fashion photography at his founding project, Le 21eme via the link.

All Photos by Scott Jung

adam katz sinding

adam katz sinding wardrobe


adam katz sinding wardrobe

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