Dark Dressers: Casstronaut

September 25, 2014

dark dressersFashion | by floriana serani

What does a typical day in the life of Casstronaut involve?

A typical day varies depending on what jobs I have throughout the week. My favourite days are drawing days. I get up fairly early in the morning, have my coffee and energy snacks, take my vitamins, run down to the gym (if I feel like it), come home and check my emails and such, mail out any orders I have waiting in my etsy shop, make my lunch, then turn on whatever catches my eye on Netflix and sprawl out on the floor and draw for the latter half of the day (usually these days are for commissions). I have dinner, candles, and wine set up every night at about seven, then promptly after dinner my husband and I talk for a very long time about what movie we’re going to watch that night. Once we finally decide, we watch and then talk for maybe another hour about the movie. They’re the tamest and most structured days! A nice contrast to the barely sleep, barely eat, barely sit days that modeling and shooting require.

Which are your wardrobe staples and why?
Texture is my definite staple. Most pieces in my closet aren’t that exciting in the design sense, but texture or interesting details make a seemingly boring outfit really stand out. A few of my favorites are a tragically tattered knitted sweater, a velvet maxi dress (or anything velvet for that matter), and gauzy mesh tops and dresses. Everything I have is really easy to layer, so combining lots of textures and finding new combinations is really fun and effortless. The other day I haphazardly threw on my “zombie apocalypse” tattered sweater over my super long velvet maxi and it looked really cool!

What’s your favourite item in your closet?
That’s tough. I’d say it changes from time to time. A few weeks ago I was all about looking like a walking tapestry – rich dark jewel tones with lots of tassels and fringe. It was fun but I caught on everything and my new cat seemed to think I was her play thing. Now I’ve gone back to my Victorian phase with a mix of menswear. At this moment I’m most in love with my tailored jodhpur trousers from eBay and a modern Victorian mourning-eqsue dress my friend Kate Towers made.

How would you describe your personal style?
I’m not sure exactly. It would probably depend on who you ask or what day it is. Sometimes it’s lazy grandma, sometimes it’s 90s witch wannabe, sometiems I think I’m in the Matrix, sometimes it’s Queen of England for a day, sometimes it’s rip off Tilda Swinton day, sometimes, like today, it’s work in your footie pajamas day. I can’t seem to stick to one thing other than black.

Where do you shop?
I shop on eBay quite a lot for my simpler pieces. For my treasures I comb through vintage stores and antique malls. I don’t do that much any more since I moved from Portland to Nashville, but I’ll find my new treasure troves eventually. Since modeling has been a big part of my life for so long I also came to understand the importance of supporting independent designers. I try my best to buy from or promote my local and not so local friends in fashion when I can. Some of my favorites are Morph Knitwear, Ovate, Hunter Gatherer Jewelry, Noctex, House of Widow, and Sanctus. ​​​​​​

Your style icons?
In my eyes Cate Blanchett can do no wrong. Tilda Swinton is up there as well. They’re both daring and a little weird, but never irritatingly youthful and always graceful. I love the articles where people compare Tilda Swinton’s garment choices to household objects like corn and q-tip!

Two most important moments that influenced your style?
Something in the 4th grade compelled me to wear only silver all the time. Silver nails, silver makeup, hair pasted down with glittery gel, and even silver denim with silk silver button up tops. I don’t know what made me feel that I needed to do that, but I think it was the beginning of my obsessive attitude toward aesthetics now. Working in fashion made me so sick of saturated trends and caring about what someone wearing a gaudy statement necklace and espadrilles thinks of me. So I obsess over things that I find that are a little different and try to catch ’em all.

There are all of these “rules” in fashion that just end up creating an entire season full of boring drones all wearing red lipstick and ironic t-shirts tucked into high waisted jeans. Working in fashion really bored me and compelled me to make my own thing rather than jump into the sea of the same. It’s the same with sub cultures such as steampunk and the renaissance faire scene. Once you find it it’s interesting for about a day, but after that you’ve seen just about everything there is already and the uniqueness dissipates faster than it forms. That’s why I think it’s best to just trust your aesthetic instincts and not allow yourself to be influenced by anything too much. You’ll never go out of style if you’re never in style.






Photography: Seth Farmer Photography.
Assistant: Amber Williams Chapman