Dark Dressers: Courtney Butler

June 6, 2015

dark dressersFashion | by floriana serani

Courtney Butler is an aspiring model and Manager at Urban Outfitters. Floriana Serani caught up with her for this week’s Dark Dressers.

What does a typical day in the life of Courtney involve?

Well, I’m a manager at Urban outfitters so I work full time. I wake up, get ready in half an hour, yes half an hour (consists of listening to music doing nothing until I panic rush to get showered and dressed). Usually have had an idea of what to wear from the night before. Morning coffee is essential, then go about my business managing my department.

On days off, I generally like to have shoots planned. Being an aspiring model and working full time with crazy schedules can be difficult. I need to plan ahead!

courtney butler

Which are your wardrobe staples and why?

Calvin Klein crop top. Not even for the look- It’s just so comfy!

Turtleneck top. I’m always wearing a turtleneck, even when it’s sunny. I just love things with high necks and love layering with them

Trainers. Mainly my all black or all white superstars. They go with everything I wear and they’re so good for running around at work, I run up and down 5 floors every single day.

Jumpsuits. I have so many! All about the comfort, yet I love how I can layer them, synch them in at the waist and still show figure and dress them up.

courtney rose butler

What’s your favourite item in your closet?

Ahh well I definitely have more than one, the ones that stand out have to be;
† Vfiles coat. I wear it basically everyday. It’s black, which is essential for my wardrobe and flows so nicely when I walk.

† Y-3 coat. SO in love with my Y3 jacket I get scared to wear it. I don’t ever want to get it dirty. My ex borrowed it once and I almost cried when he got a mark on it!

† Doc Marten Jadon platforms. I’m such a Dr. Marten head, i have about 7 pairs. My ‘Jadon’ platforms are definitely the most worn!

How would you describe your personal style?

This is the question i struggled the most on. I definitely had to ask my friend Charley how to put my style into words. We came up with ‘grunge sophistication’ and ‘modern bohemian’ I’ve so still got some of my teenage grunge years in me with the all black and slightly alternative ways of wearing things, yet its mixed with a lot of the modern trends and fashion statements.

Where do you shop?

Obviously Urban Outfitters, with the discount I get why wouldn’t I? Some brands I love are Adidas, VFiles and Unif, the main ones anyway! I do shop a lot of high street- guilty! But I do tend to get some real good finds in vintage stores. LOVE Blitz London.

Your style icons?

I wouldn’t say I have icons as such. A lot of peoples style inspires me, especially people that I surround myself with. I love working in Oxford street too. I see at least one person who looks AMAZING every day.

Two most important moments that influenced your style?

There are probably 2 most influential moments.

The first one when I was 16 I dropped out of college after my mum became ill and started working at a bar that held ‘alternative’ club nights, this is where I grew to love rock and alternative style and became a little different than my peers in Surrey.

The second one would be when I met the people that changed my life in London. After living in London for almost a year I met a group of people that really helped me find me. My confidence grew and I learnt how to mix up my style with being as care free as possible.

You can follow Courtney on Instagram at @courtneyrosebutler

courtney rose butler