Dark Dressers: Emeli Mårtensson of 5PREVIEW

March 13, 2014

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5PREVIEW is a powerhouse of independent fashion, founded by designer Emeli Martensson in 2008, six years on you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t own, or at least want one of 5PREVIEW’s iconic tees. Of course the brand has exploded since the days of catchy t-shirts and now offers some of our favourite menswear and womenswear collections today. We caught up with Emeli Martensson for our regular Dark Dressers feature to peer into her wardrobe.

What does a typical day in the life of Emeli Mårtensson involve?
100 % intense family life. Work (a lot of talking, sometimes drawing, organization) , gym, playing with my son, eating (well), drinking some (good) wine, looking at (easy) series (Girls, Wild Palms, Orange is the New Black).

Which are your wardrobe staples and why?
Simple grey melange T-shirts, washed out skinny black jeans from some cheap brand, a bunch of black blazers and light coats. Vintage oversized silk blouses.

What’s your one favorite item in your closet?
My Dr Martens that has been on my feet since early teenage years. Not the same pair though.

How would you describe your personal style?
Easy, monochrome, comfortable.

Where do you shop?
Vintage, at sales, basics at HM owned stores ( & other stories, COS, Monki…they’re everywhere!)

Do you wear your own creations ? If yes, which pieces the most?
All the time! Usually prototypes. I have a cashmere V-neck sweater from aw 11-12 that I wear a lot.

What are 4 most important moments that influenced your aesthetics?
1) My past: My mom dressed me in dark blue without prints when I was a baby. Everyone though I was a boy. My parents and their friends all dress in black, they’re pretty “arty”. I’ve heard comments like “Oh your so colorful today!” if they meet someone dressed in grey or beige.

2) When I joined the SubPop singles club in 92 and a whole new world opened up.

3) When I decided to only wear black and white in the second year of highschool (probably had something to do with my Nick Cave obsession)

4) Living in Italy for ten years probably reinforced my Scandinavian sense of minimalism.

Find out more and shop 5PREVIEW at 5PREVIEW.SE

emeli martensson 5preview

emeli martensson 5preview

emeli martensson 5preview

emeli martensson 5preview

emeli martensson 5preview

emeli martensson 5preview