Dark Dressers: Lydia Pang

March 19, 2014

dark dressersFashion | by floriana serani

Lydia Pang sits as head of visual content at the prestigious M&C Saatchi London. Her dark style has influenced creativity and people alike. Lydia shares with us some of her favourite things in this weeks Dark Dressers.

What does a typical day in the life of Lydia Pang involve?
The beauty of London is that nothing is ever typical!! I wake up around 7.30am and go for a morning run along the river. My boyfriend and I have breakfast together then I take about a century to get ready for work while listening to music and drinking a carrot, orange and ginger smoothie. I love planning what I’m gonna wear the night before, I usually have an idea but I enjoy putting it together in the morning and doing my makeup (curating the all important brows).

If the outfit is quite layered and complicated I’ll just wear rings and a hair tuck / hair gel sleek. If it’s more simple I’ll accessorise with a head piece (black roses) or my Margiela hair lock necklace. I really enjoy getting ready and it usually (literally always) makes me late for work.

I set off and read whatever book I’ve got on that month from book club (this month Lolita) on the bus! I walk through Soho and pick up a soy flat white from Nordic bakery. I’m Head of Visual Content at M&C SAATCHI LONDON so my job is really creative but also really stressful! My team of badass ladies and I are responsible for shaping brand worlds and managing artistic commissions so I spend a lot of my day hunting for fresh talent to collaborate with. I start the day off with a 10.30 meeting with a new photographer, I always feel really excited because you might be about to discover someone incredible. I go through my emails and dance in and out of production meetings for ongoing shoots. My days are super varied, sometimes I’m on set shooting, on a wardrobe call, working on a pitch, sourcing talent or out on meetings. I like it this way! And I always curate my outfit for the day depending on what battle I’m about to go into. * dons spiky head piece for client meeting *

I usually work through lunch, munching on my detox salad. I always pop out for a 10 (30) minute wander around Carnaby street, I like to see all the new collections come into store (buy something new that I don’t need). The day flies by and I’m usually then attending a Private View, having dinner in Soho with my boyfriend or my best mate, going to cycle spinning or working late (this happens a lot). My days are always full and ridiculous and manic. Just the way I like it.

lydia pang

Which are your wardrobe staples and why?
My ‘disciple’ black lipstick from Illamasqua. Whatever happens, wherever, whenever, I am wearing this lipstick. It’s my die hard staple. I live for black roll necks, black tailored slacks, statement shoes. I couldn’t live without my long oversized wool coat or my man suit trousers from Commes Des Garcon or my wide brimmed hat. Oh and a white shirt with a crisp collar. With all of the above I can make any eventuality work! I love masculine cut trousers because they are flattering and they mean business. No one talks shit to a woman wearing mens trousers and bold eyebrows. My mother always taught me to power dress, I’m not into showing much flesh, but I love a head piece and showing the shape of the body with tailoring.

Roll necks are amazing because they’re comfortable, cheap and warm but facilitate the all important ‘hair tuck’ and a sleek silhouette. It’s important for all these elements to be really well cut, I like the roll neck to be wide so my hair will fit, I like sleeves to come above the watch bone, a slight flare on my suit trousers above the ankle bone (this goes particularly well with my neoprene sock white Acne boots). It’s good to puncture all black outfits with statement bags, I love my quilted black Chanel with metallic chain or my rolled soft white leather Love Asthetics X Black blessed bag, or my pony hair cream oversized clutch. They can make an outfit. So… Apparently I have quite a few ‘staples’.

lydia pang dark style

What’s your favourite item in your closet?
This is a hard question because it changes all the time… I am quite faddy with new pieces that are good at updating old classics. Items that always stay with me… my perfect black quilted Chanel handbag, my Muji rubber mac, my black lipstick. Items I recently bought and am favouring are my dutch white platform plimsoles, rubber bag from &Other Stories, COS neoprene jumper, Monjki black kimono, and white Nike socks (stolen from boyfriend).

How would you describe your personal style?
An Emo goth that grew up and spends way too much money. BLACK. CLASSIC. Monochrome, layers, angular cuts and smooth lines. I’m not overly keen on embellishments, pattern or details, I like simple cuts with strong sculptural outlines. I think black on black is so elegant and mysterious. I love textures, PVC, thick wool, silks, crisp cotton and pleats (recently acquired a pleated Hermes scarf). I basically live by the Yohji Y bible: “Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy – but mysterious. But above all black says this: ‘I don’t bother you – don’t bother me'”!

Where do you shop ?
Monjki is perfect for a quick fix, COS, Bstore, Farfetch, &Other Stories, Uniqlo, Muji for rubber coats and simple cuts, Weekday, All Saints, Blackblessed, H&M, Acne, army surplus stores, LNCC, my boyfriend’s wardrobe. I recently went to Amsterdam for a Miles Aldridge show and was literally JAW ON FLOOR in love with all the shops.

lydia pang dark style

Your style icons ?
I’ve always been inspired by photography and film… I love Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face, Wednesday Addams, Mathilda from Leon..any strong, obtuse, black clad women. Man Ray’s subjects and their graphic makeup and slick hair. Ivania Carpio of Love Aesthetics, her style is so sculptural and considered. To be honest, it changes all the time..at the moment I love Charlie May, Isabella Manfredi, Man Repeller, Imindia Rose, everything on Oculto. My mum for teaching me the epic rule “Always wear beautiful shoes and a beautiful bag and just go classic in the middle.” And my best mate Abbie Bergstrom for wearing avant garde headpieces to Tesco and not giving a shit what people think.

What are the four most important moments that influenced your style?
1. The first day of school, when my mother handed me a wide wool hat with a emerald bow. The other kids were wearing acrylic sweatshirts, I looked ridiculous. I still love a wide brim hat.

2. Age 15 getting a bollocking in front of the school for wearing an army jacket with a painting of a naked woman on the back and a massive spike through my ear. I also dyed the ends of my hair ginger (supposed to be red). Clearly I looked monstrous but I love the fact that I didn’t care!

3. Moving to London for university had a massive impact on my style, suddenly everything was at my finger tips and I was surrounded by street style and inspiring people every day. AND THE SHOPS.

4. Starting a real grown up job. I think it’s important to wake up every day and put your face on and wear what makes you feel confident and strong.

Wow. That’s kinda my whole life through clothes…

lydia pang dark style

lydia pang dark style

lydia pang dark style

lydia pang

lydia pang dark style