Dark Dressers: Pedro Korshi

May 21, 2014

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Pedro Korshi is the subject of our ‘Dark Dressers’ column this week. A Brazilian fashion designer who is now London based with his own label after his name sake, and also a freelancer for other brands. We delved into his style.

What does a typical day in the life of Pedro Korshi involve?
It involves a lot of work and hobbies like meditation, photography and anything relaxing. I wake up at 7 and go to bed at 11pm, eat every three hours, run for thirty\forty minutes in the morning, work, work and work, and in the evening I either stay in watching some films about history, drama, romance, listening to musics from around the world and reading books and magazines OR go out for dinner or a drink with either my family or mates.

Which are your wardrobe staples and why?
Black slim fit suit trousers, black, white and grey tees and black slim blazer. No reason, I just wouldn’t live without these pieces.

What’s your favourite item in your closet?
I’ve been so obsessed with my navy blue Pedro Korshi double-bag, it is like my daily-bag, everything I need fits in it (or in them).

How would you describe your personal style?
Odd, I like playing with my body shape by wearing an exaggerated shoulder jacket or cocoon sleeved coat, elongated sleeved top, or even shoes like a pair tabi boots. I would also describe my style as beggarish, I love flip-flops with socks, blankets around my shoulders, raw hems, unfinished garments. Lazy, J’adore pyjamas. It is all about balance and knowing where I am going to.

Where do you shop?
I don’t shop.

Your style icons?
Calvin Luo, Christine Centenera and Tilda Swinton.

Four most important moments that influenced your style.
Birth, I was born a Piscean and it says a lot about my style. When I had eating disorders at 13. Brand launch, when I stopped buying clothes and started making\designing them. I am still at the third stage.

Instagram: @pedrokorshi
Facebook page: Pedro Korshi

Pedro Korshi dark dressers

Pedro Korshi dark dressers

Pedro Korshi dark dressers

Pedro Korshi dark dressers

Pedro Korshi dark dressers