Dark Dressers: Tiger Orchid

January 22, 2015

dark dressersFashion | by floriana serani

Tiger Orchid is a Fakir and Extreme Body Art Performer, I caught up with her for this week’s dark dressers!

What does a typical day in the life of Noema involve?

I do not have a typical day, what is typical in my everyday life is to be busy, to create and practicing yoga!

Which are your wardrobe staples and why?

I have a frantic life always on the run, I am a strong kind of woman with many interests as music, literature, bodyart and I love spend my free time practicing yoga- I soon start a Teacher training- so I like to wear casual dresses such as my favourite bands ( Ufommammut, Om, Joy Division, Neurosis, Lili Refrain, Metallica, Pantera, Cult of luna etc etc ) or tattoo studios shirts – all black of course – with black skinny jeans and a long black coat.

What’s your favourite item in your closet?

A long black tunic with a hood to back that my boyfriend gave me (the one I wear in the photos) is so simple and classy at the same time, I like to wear it with my ancient ethnical jewels. And my 50s low-cut sleeveless dresses that I used to wear in Spring Time. As I live in the Eternal Rome I find such season romantic and decadent as 50s.

tiger orchid

How would you describe your personal style ?

“Paint it Black” !!! I am totally in love with Black and I simply cannot see me wearing another color, is a way of life.

Where do you shop?

I’m in love with flea market where I find old dresses or accessories I found one of my favourite hat turban in one of the oldest market in Rome while my favourite shoes have been found at IJ Hallen in Amsterdam or shopping online above all from USA, China, Japan and Uk.

Your style icons?

I’m impressed by grace and elegance but also by all those characters that breaks rules or combine different styles; the icy and timeless beauty of Marlene Dietrich, the dark elegance of Diamanda Galas; the pride of Anna Magnani; the Queen Vivienne Westwood and I have to mention Moira Orfei for her magnificent oddity. Last, a man, Ian Curtis.

Two most important moments that influenced your style?

The first one is a memory of my youth as I started dressing in black my mom told me that only prostitutes and widows used to dress that way so I realised I was on my right track. Then when I entered the freak world discovering also the Anthropological Literature about Rituals of Passages and the masterpiece “Modern Primitives” from then I started to see my body as a canvas becoming a way to paint my life and my beliefs.

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tiger orchid

tiger orchid