Dark Style RoundUp SS16 Day 1

September 19, 2015

Fashion | by James Joseph

Jamie Wei Huang
Jamie Wei Huang continued her outstanding dark style with a beach goth & summer goth aesthetic collection. This time more subtle, but nevertheless present, and as proud as the last. This time we saw patterns made up of Imps and adorned monstrous faces. All inspired by Buddhism and the concept of life after death.

To put a dark aesthetic into a Spring Summer collection and make it feel light and wearable is a difficult challenge, but Jamie Wei Huang absolutely got it spot on. A brilliant collection.

Fyodor Golan
As you entered the room for Fyodor Golan’s show, you were met with a small robot army. Foot high Transformers adorned the front row, ready to find new homes. The #FROW instantly started playing with their new found companions, and one now sits on my desk.

The collections itself in partnership with Transformers was perhaps Fyodor and Golan’s best for a few seasons, taking their collaborative fun signature that has graced them for a few years now, and excelling with their technical talent. Something that has been hidden recently.

le kilt ss16

Le Kilt
Le Kilt’s SS16 collection was less dark and more rebel, held in the 100 club. The oldest live music venue in London and host of rock greats such as The Clash, Sex Pistols and Alice Cooper.

The collection itself entitled ‘Stupid Girl’ and in partnership with Converse had a certain edge to it, which was right up our street. A bit of rock’n’roll rebellion at LFW.