Death Inc

February 23, 2013

Arts and CultureGaming | by James Joseph

Death IncIt is not often you come across a game that really connects to its players. One where the aesthetic and vision enthralls, leaving you wanting to know more. Death Inc is that game, and it is simply outstanding.

Based in the 17th Century when the bubonic plague was at its worst, the dark humoured Death Inc game follows the life of Grim. T. Livingstone, one of many reapers trying to make a living. Feeling uninspired and let down by the rat race of the large corporation “Ministry of Mortality” he works for, Grim decides to found his own business “Death Inc” and follow his own motto of “reaping done right”.

The result sees Grim wreak havoc on 17th Century England spreading fear, pestilence and of course, most importantly; the plague.

We have been absolutely glued to the Death Inc Kickstarter project since its inception. We just had to know more, so we visited the brains behind Death Inc at Ambient Studios to get an in-depth insight into this incredible game:

Our first stop was to talk to art director Tim Holleyman. Tim described the idea behind Grim T. Livingstone, as a character that we can all relate to. A creative stuck in the rat race of repetition and relentless pace. Grim sees death as his job, a job he wants to succeed and flourish in creatively.

Whilst talking with the Ambient Studios team, they told us the idea of Death Inc “stemmed from being the zombie horde instead of fighting them” but wanting a platform more artistic and rich in history the team turned to the Plague stating ” the History of Edgar Allan Poe and the Plague and then the black death inspired Grim.”

Its very obvious from looking around Tim’s desk with Marvel and Star Wars figures cluttering the space, the guys at Ambient are light hearted: Death Inc mimics that attitude as Tim Holleyman states, they have created,

“A Monty Python esque version of the plague”

He is 100 percent right too, with the little bumbling wondering minions in the game puking pink pestilence over everything in sight. The game has a pretty wacky feel to it, a wacky feel that makes you constantly smile and draws you in to every move.

While at the offices we had the fantastic opportunity to play the new Death Inc demo which you can download via the link. The first thing that jumps out at you is how easy and enjoyable the gameplay is. The team have worked hard on a gesture driven interface, a simple paint command that controls your puking army of plague minions. which works wonders and adds a touch of humour when the odd plague minion gets lost and ends up wondering off.

That Monty Python style certain works wonders emotionally, as I began talking to my minions on controlling them, caring for each one to survive or not get lost.

Death Inc certainly has reaping done right.

So we call on you to Pledge for Death. There are some awesome rewards, being named in the game as characters is just one of the many perks, and if you pledge the maximum amount you will be named King or Queen of Grim. T. Livingstone’s world and become his arch nemesis for all of eternity!

So Pledge now, or you might get a visit from Grim. T. Livingstone himself…