Netflix Review: Devil

August 28, 2015

Film | by James Joseph

Devil is certainly a surprise of a film. While the inital synopsis and impression leave a lot to be desired, it’s a film that one thinks ‘this could either be terrible, or actually alright’. Thankfully it’s the latter, and here’s why.

The synopsis that makes us fear the worst:

“Five strangers’ day begins with an elevator ride in a Philadelphia office tower. But, what happens next is anything but ordinary. The elevator gets stuck. Frightening events turn annoyance into terror, as they begin to realize that one of their number is Lucifer himself.”

It’s surprising that a full length movie with only one scene can be gripping enough to keep you from switching off, but the movie’s actors and writers keep the story and emotions compelling enough, while the ‘who done it’ plays out as things spiral downwards.

If there is an over-all annoyance it’s that Lucifer’s character is so far off the historic truth it’s laughable. A king of Hell, playing around in a lift to teach a few people lessons. It’s much more the action of a low level Daemon, but the studio needs a strong title for sales.

If you’re like the Supernatural and have an hour to spare, watch Devil. Other wise go watch Supernatual, which has been going for ten seasons for a reason.


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