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By James Joseph

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It’s taken us a while to get around to completing a piece on the L.A band ‘Early Morning Rebel’s new venture; a first try into a fashion collection. We’re not particularly proud of that, but one thing we are certainly proud of, is EMRs vision and execution of this brilliant collection.

We got to take a close up look at the collection with Nathan and Dustin from the band last month, and quite frankly were blown away by just how awesome this salon collection was. The thought, detail and aesthetic was simply awesome, but even beyond that was the quality of the collection itself. It looked like it’d just been released as a fifth collection by someone like April77, and instead, it is a debut.

One of my personal favourite things about this collection, is that it is unisex. There are no boundaries, no rules, if you like it, wear it. I feel that this is the attitude of the whole idea, yes it’s brilliantly detailed and arguably luxury, but it has a certain rebellion and boldness about the whole thing.

The two stand outs without doubt are the leather/denim jackets and the bags. The bags are all leather, ranging from a quilted leather iPad clutch, up to a huge weekender. Each piece not only has the gold logo, but actually embossed song lyrics on each one.. and that, is just rad.

The leather jackets themselves, are supreme quality. Actually putting to shame some fashion labels out there already producing the same kind of look. Again detail is key with each jacket being numbered to give a unique touch.

EMR state:

“We have the intention of having a creative and artistic collective. Now feels like the time to add Fashion into our creative outlet. It’s always been a dream of ours, and we wanted to manifest that dream and execute.”

It’s an inspiring vision, and when that statement is backed up by such a strong and concise debut, it’s obvious that dreams can become reality.

early morning rebel

early morning rebel

early morning rebel

early morning rebel

early morning rebel

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