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By James Joseph

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EmikaWe recently came across the musician Emika through our work with the great Ninjatune records for the Stylenoir print magazine.

Without doubt Emika’s journey is a fascinating one, born in the UK and of Czech heritage the musician works as a sound designer in Berlin. Whilst in Berlin Emika discovered the Berghain nightclub, stating “It is intense, dark, boundry-less and safe. Berghain is whatever you want it to be.” This led to her first prominent step into producing and writing, providing the club with a sample library which eventually became the club’s label.

There is no doubt that Emika has a beautiful haunting tone to her music with Mixmag quoting Emika as the “Digital Ice Queen”, and the Guardian calling her sound “Creepy and brimming with bass”.

Her latest track, a cover and rework of the 1989 song by Chris Isaak is testament to those statements. A track laced with seductive vocals and wrapped up in a beautifully haunted timbre. It’s obvious that Emika’s talent for both sound design and icy vocals are strongly becoming her signature.


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