Eve Salvail

July 23, 2011

FashionModels | by James Joseph

About Eve Salvail

Read our full interview with Eve Salvail from our Retribution issue via the link. Including the full magazine scans!

Eve Salvail was born in Canada in 1973.

Eve Salvail is quite possibly our favourite model of all time. Whilst she may not have risen to true supermodel status, it is her attitude, individuality and unique beauty that really strike us.

Eve Salvail‘s beautiful refined, yet angular definition is simply divine. A sculpted temptress that provokes passion and desire, that grabs emotion and feeling.

It is that sculpted definition that not only gives her an intoxicating splendor, but one that seems to entice feeling. Without doubt her androgyny is also spellbinding, a true individual that has projected the epitome of emotion.

Her individuality was projected onto the world on a colossal scale in the early 1990s, when her signature shaved head and dragon tattoo caught the eye of Jean Paul Gaultier.

Shortly after he catapulted Eve Salvail onto the catwalk and into the fashion elite. Beginning her journey of changing the face of beauty.

Outside of modeling her pursuit of acting landed her a role in the iconic fifth element movie. Whilst a short cameo appearance, her aesthetic and style was unparalleled. Starring in white fur and green transparent plastic, her outfit was quite frankly incredible, a futuristic compliment to her outstanding beauty.

Her collaboration with Jean Paul Gaultier was nothing short of breath taking. Whilst the fifth element film has become an iconic cult film, there is absolutely no doubt that so has the name of Eve Salvail.

Eve Salvail will surely leave a legacy of epic proportions. For she may have been the first modern day model to channel individuality to such a level. To be courageous and bold, taking the all or nothing risk in modeling with her dragon tattoo and shaved look.

Her sculpted beauty and angular definition simply make Eve Salvail our favourite female model of all time.

Career Highlights
SEP 1992 – Elle Quebec editorial
SEP 1993 – Walks for Chanel Spring Summer 94
FEB 1996 – Elle Canada Cover
JUN 1997 – Appears in the film “The 5th Element”
FEB 2011 – Returns to the catwalk for Jean Paul Gaultier’s Autumn Winter 2011 collection

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