Fear The Walking Dead: introduction

April 27, 2016

Film | by James Joseph

Quite frankly, AMC have come up with a little bit of genius scheduling. When The Walking Dead season finished airing recently, we were a little lost. No Zombies until October. But that’s when we were reminded about Fear The Walking Dead, and it is brilliant.

Fear The Walking Dead is now just starting it’s second season. [So there’s not that much to binge and catch up if you need to]. AMC now airs FTWD straight after TWD seasons, to bridge the withdrawal symptoms of your zombie fix.

What makes FTWD really engaging, is the time frame it’s based in. That is when the Zombie outbreak first happens, not years afterwards like TWD. In our opinion that’s what makes the narrative more interesting, think World War Z [the book, not the film, that was terrible] or even 28 Days later. It’s that need to understand and survive fast, rapidly showing how one can cope, and the character building that’s brilliant.

FTWD has this in spades, and whilst a little slow to get running, we absolutely love the show. Our two current favourite characters have to be Nick Clark and Victor Strand. But beyond that we don’t want to be giving out any spoilers.

Watch Fear The Walking Dead on Sundays at 9/8c only on AMC. For more check out the AMC FTWD site

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