Film Review: American Mary

August 6, 2015

Film | by James Joseph

American Mary is twisted and brutal, an eyes wide open, can’t look away insight into just how quickly a mental state can escalate. Yet, still, has you emotionally connected to characters, in a soft and endearing way.

The first time I watched American Mary, it pulled the rug from underneath me and left me stunned. Its a film that gets dark fast, deteriorating throughout violently and rapidly. Latter on in the film, you’ll be left thinking if you should stop watching, perhaps it’s all got a little too much. But firstly you’ll be enthralled to continue the journey, and secondly, I would assume that’s what the Soska Sisters would want you to feel.

The Soska Sisters are arguably the best damn horror writers and directors out there. Having produced some of the best upcoming horror works in the last decade, their passion, intrigue and quite frankly, incomprehensibly twisted imaginations create works of art. To give you a feel of just what is in store with American Mary, a quote from Sylvia explaining the sister’s influence for the film echoes its formidable horror

“It was an April Fool’s prank where a guy had his twin brother’s arm sawn off and put on to his chest-plate, so he had three arms. It scared me to my core. And what happens when I get scared by something is that I become obsessed with it…”

The performance by actress Katherine Isabelle is nothing short of brilliance. It’s incredible that someone can throw themselves into that role and make it real. Make the journey believable, and draw the viewer so far in, that the viewer isn’t really aware of just how horrific things have become.

It’s worth noting too, that the film has become a flagship for the body mod community, with the film refusing CGI. For instance all body modification and, ahem, alteration, was either real, or practical effects. Many of the characters are played by leading figures in the community, and the film does echo freedom of expression and creativity.

There is no doubt American Mary gets full marks from us, watch the film and go on a spiralling journey of horror and exploration, possibly discovering things about yourself, you’re not fully comfortable with.


(Watch out for the Soska Sister’s notable cameo too, you can’t miss it)

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