Film Review: Dark City

August 6, 2015

Film | by James Joseph

Dark City is an all encompassing collision of film noir, sci-fi and crime thriller. It’s a beautifully orchestrated sci-fi noir that inspired the likes of Inception and even The Matrix in years to come.

Dark City’s aesthetic is simply breath taking, the cinematography and design of this twilight world is artistically brilliant. From the classic wide angle noir scenes, to the 1950s style.

We see some of the best acting crop in Hollywood, including Kiefer Sutherland, Jennifer Connelly and Rufus Sewell star. With enchanting performances by all. Sutherland is soft and twisted, unlike the characters most are familiar with him. Jennifer Connelly creates one of my favourite movie characters of all time, and seamlessly too. Her character, Emma Murdoch defines empowerment, but through the pain and hardship she is so troubled with, throughout the film. The power to never give up, and keep believing, no matter what the odds is a strong message, especially when love has a part to play.

The plot and style around the sci-fi element is well thought-out and builds dramatically, but maintains a believability. With subtle dialogue to echo the plot and wants of the characters involved.

If we have to find a negative, it would be the special FX, in the very last part of the film, we see the focus shift, and special FX seem to pull the viewer out of this enchanting believable world that has been created. Given the age of the film, perhaps it’s to be expected, but there could have been other ways to give the same message to the viewer.

There is a strong subtext about our world and human emotion underneath the film’s script, and it may leave you thinking about what is to come. If you love dark, enthralling thrillers as much as us, then Dark City is a must see.


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