Five best Sigourney Weaver alien movie quotes

January 16, 2015

Arts and CultureFilm | by James Joseph

At Stylenoir we’re big fans of the Alien Movie franchise, Ridley Scott and of course H.R.Giger. We recently ran a piece on Bolaji Badejo who plays the xenomorph alien in the first movie.

So we thought it was about time to turn the attention to Ellen Ripley and Sigourney Weaver and list the best five ALien movie quotes from Ellen Ripley herself



Ellen Ripley finally takes control and says it like she means it, just in the nick of time.


nuke everything

Seriously, don’t look surprised, it’s the only way to deal with a full on xenomorph invasion, and you know it.


So, who do I have to f**k to get off this boat?

One of the best lines from the entire franchise! We love the aesthetic of this scene too. The answer is no one of course, because Ellen Ripley is badass.


Did IQ’s drop sharply while I was away?

Oooh burn! Ellen Ripley dishing it out as if her wit was as sharp as that xenomorph acid.


Get away from her, you Bitch!

Seriously, the most badass, insane, and all out awesome moment from the entire franchise packed up into a Sigourney Weaver, exoskeleton, flawless quote moment.