Hocus Pocus: Sasha Louise Latex Interview

April 11, 2016

FashionInterviewsprint magazine | by James Joseph

For our Autumn Winter 14 issue ‘Hocus Pocus’, we interviewed latex designer Sasha Louise. Peruse the interview below!

In all the time I have known you, you push a certain attitude to latex. While some of us share the same point, there are those who are only exposed to the offerings of over sexualised latex, what would you say to them? Could you share your philosophy on latex?
I’d say try it. You can’t judge until you’ve tried it on, there is no fabric like it. It is an amazing fabric that has loads of possibilities.

I remember your very first show back in 2012, looking back on the last few years, what is the moment that you felt the most creative satisfaction?
Really this last year when Kim West opened her shop, I was putting my pieces in there to sell and I finally sorted my thoughts and created a collection I love! I as so happy seeing my pieces hanging on the rails and the feedback was and is amazing!

The celebrity mass has a serious love for your latex, from Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and Paloma Faith to name a few. Has there been a particular celebrity outfit combination that is your favourite?
I’m really overwhelmed with the celebrity love for my latex. I think the Miley shoot was great because it was (at the time) something she had never done before.

You’ve been heralded as a pioneer for your signature marble latex and net latex, two completely new directions for latex design. Can you tell us a bit about how they came about?
They came out of being a poor. When you’re poor you’re resourceful, I didn’t have the money to buy the material so I decided to make my own and it just developed from there really.

Given that a lot of the latex and fetish expos are in Europe. How do you feel London is for creativity and the future of latex? Does what people are interested in design wise differ from country to country?
London is a hub of creativity and I do think people are looking for something more within the world of latex design. Design definitely differs from country to country but I think that’s the same for fashion and the latex scene. Keeps everything fresh.

You work very closely with Kim West, how did that come about and how do you think the partnership has changed how you’ve grown with your designs?
I emailed her over three years ago for an internship and she offered me a job! We just seem to get it and get each other. She’s taught me so much and I love her to death, Kim is extremely supportive of me developing and building my own brand.

You recently reached out to menswear and created a small number of pieces for men. What made you move into menswear? Will you be continuing the same techniques and signatures that yourself and Kim West have built up for men?
I think there is a massive gap in the latex menswear world, and they get the rough end of the stick. My male friends are always asking me for latex they can wear, they don’t want heavy shiny latex capes they want to be comfortable and dress like themselves.

What’s your own wardrobe made up of? Do you own any colour other than black?
No colour, I’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker colour.

You recently got your new butterfly skull neck piece tattooed, can you tell us a little more about it?
I did and I’m so in love with it, I’ve had the most positive reaction from all sorts of people, I now get called butterfly on the street. It has a family meaning behind it that’s all I’m going to say. I’m looking forward to building on it more.

What, or who are your current favourite movers in dark style or culture?
I’m really in love with Maria Brink she’s changing the world of women in music. Also my love will never die for Michael Hussar, his art is breathtaking.

What’s next? Are you planning on expanding the line?
I am really excited about moving more into menswear, I feel there is definitely something missing here for men. Also I’m creating a line of latex designer bags too. I want to keep moving forward, to do more shows and keep experimenting with this material I’m in love with.


sasha louise latex interview

sasha louise latex interview