iZombie premiered on CW and it’s awesome

March 23, 2015

Arts and CultureFilm | by James Joseph

The trailer for iZombie launched back in January and it was a pretty epic teaser of what was to come. CW just aired the pilot of the iZombie series, and it’s nothing short of badass!

In what looks to be a ridiculously awesome series we see the gorgeous Rose McIver play a somewhat undead medical professional, who has to deal with the problems of one thing… being a zombie.

Whats great is you can see the entire first episode for free over at CWTV iZombie. For those of you in the UK or Europe you’ll need Hola. But hey, if you don’t have that yet you’re missing out!

Quite possibly it’s one of the best zombie adaptations we’ve seen for a long time, but perhaps it is no surprise since the series is created by Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas.

Watch the trailer below to wet your appetite for braaaaains! Or just go watch the entire thing from the link above, seriously, it’s worth it!