James Joseph Illustration by Olivia Rose

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By James Joseph

Underground Shoes

Olivia Rose has illustrated many pieces for Stylenoir. Now, based on a future version of James, Olivia creates a conceptual, Andromedian being, taking the future ideal and bringing it to life in the present.

Born from a dying star, amongst the midst of creation, a singular hybrid is re-born. Awoken from Hibernation, hungrier and yet more powerful than ever. A re-birth in a time which is both a utopia and hypnotically dystopian. Arcadia has moulded this creature, imprinted its mark, and set it free.

Surrounded by the remanence of a place soaked in poisoned beauty, a place so colossal it spreads across the vortex of time, through layer upon layer of precious moments, as if playing each and every single one continuously together.

This creature, a hybrid between two binaries, awoken once again in a world of azure and jaded green. Only within this moment, this time, everything has changed, the future is prophesied, the past unwritten. It’s time for a goddess to rise…



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