Kate Nash releases 3AM single

January 29, 2013

Music | by James Joseph

If there is ever an artist that puts their fans before everything and anything; it’s Kate Nash.

Her Rebellious new direction has seen Kate’s style of music evolve into something which we can’t get enough of, it’s gritty, bold, and just as catchy.

But it is her dedication to her fans that really impresses us, her new album is soon to drop, but just before the weekend Kate Nash released her 3AM single on soundcloud as an early thankyou to all.

The 3AM track itself is simply fantastic, we’ve been playing it over and over in the office and it is without doubt, a hit.

Maintaining the punk direction, but also including some signature stylings of Nash’s old work – the track is the perfect balance for old and new fans. The track also creates what I’d like to call a “radio play” track, which excites us the most, since 3AM will allow Kate to continue producing the more edgy music she loves.

You can pre order the new album GIRL TALK via the link, or listen to the song via the Soundcloud widget below!

Kate Nash live