February 22, 2015

Fashion | by Lydia Pang

lydia pang at london fashion week
As usual we bring you the dark style roundup from London Fashion Week.

Only this time Lydia Pang head of visual for MC Saatchi is calling the shots, with our Stylenoir Magazine x LYDIA PANG LFW collaboration.

After tearing her away from prying cameras, [seriously it’s like the entirety of trend forcasters, style bloggers and magazines think that goth is a trend or something?]. We handed the whole process over to Lydia, so sit back and get the dark style roundup from Lydia Pang herself.

Such a perfect way to start LFW day two, just sashaying around the projection lit atrium of ME London. The presentation was in the perfect setting for the collection, it felt ethereal and timeless, the models elevated like sculptures and geometric shadows cast on every wall. Loved the raw edges and cut leather all in deep blood red and jewel blue. The structured tailoring juxtaposed with angular shaped patterning and slick oiled hair made for a treat. Gotta love smart Goth, no one fucks with smart Goth.

† Julien Macdonald
I mean, anything that kicks off with a croc leather glove that stops at the armpit is gonna get my attention. From the bondage wrapped ankles to the jewel green thigh skimming dresses, Macdonald gives us a strong and enigmatic aesthetic. I adore the sexy central zip that flirtatiously reveals that naughty intricate underskirt with baroque lace detailing. And then he only went and slicked the hair back and frizzed the ends, pair that with an angry eyebrow, I die.

† Danielle Romeril
We were hushed into secret world for Romeril. The floor was a beach of dried lavender surrounding an eerie Dystopian scene of wooden structures. Under the thought of scavenge and salvage, the collection named ‘Survive’, gave us mythical creatures emerging from behind a wooden hut. I think the main reason I loved it was because the models felt so in control and physically strong. Their delicate frames stitched upright by thick layers of velvet and technical quilting inspired by Samurai armour. The combination of block white painted eyelids, silver septum rings and fluffy baby hair were a beauty match made by the bloody Gods. And the leather ‘scales’ that detailed the pieces even made me re-engage tartan, of which I haven’t for a long while now. Props to Romeril. Nailed it.

† Sibling
The pale skin, knife sharp cheek bones and squeaky shine of latex, ugh, lush. I just love these contrasting textures, I love the tension between fabrics and aesthetics. I’ve seen a lot of play with hair and fur this week. Fluffy Mongolian fur trims and fluffy Mohawks contrasted with fine knit pop colour as the girls strutted to Blondie. They do not give a single solitary fuck, and I love it.

† Marios Schwab
The Art History geek in me is jumping and clapping. Not only is this collection completely beautiful but it explores the dark and twisted world of Francis Bacon. I love the obscure cuts, the illusion play with the body and THE HAT *wide eyes of desire and lust *. Bell bottom silhouettes paired with pin head sleek hair styling make the whole collection feel both modern and minimal and decadent and regal at once. It’s so effortless. I basically want to wear a gown and hold a single light bulb, like, every single day from now on. Sigh.

Photos of Lydia Pang by Karlmond Tang

lydia pang at london fashion week