Marshall Amplifiers just made a phone and it rocks!

July 17, 2015

Music | by James Joseph

After going through every single iPhone since the iPhone3G I’m dying for something a little different, for something that feels unique, but still has the functionality of iOS or Android. As a huge music fan, like all of you, music just feels like it is just yet another add on. Not any more.

Marshall Amplifiers have launched a dedicated music phone on Android and boy it looks hot! First up, the design looks incredible, there is no doubt it is modelled after one of their infamous speakers. It’s edgy and has a sense of attitude, you can’t say that about many phones out today!

marshall london phone

Secondly, it’s built on Android, so you’ll still have access to Instagram and most of your favourite apps. But seriously, these are all small things compared to the amount of dedication Marshall has given this phone when it comes to music.

Marshall reckons:

“This might just be the loudest mobile phone on Earth”

With two front facing speakers, and Marshall’s reputation for turning it up to 11, we’re not going to argue.

The phone also has two headphone jacks, so you can share music with a friend, if you’re not using those two ear shattering front speakers of course!

But it’s the software we’re also interested in, the phone comes with a fully adjustable global graphic equalizer, which you can load and save a number of different presets created by you.

marshall london phone

The phone also comes pre-loaded with Android’s Loopstack; a 4-channel recorder that allows you to record four tracks independently. LoopStack offers high quality 44KHz 16bit recording and processing, so is perfect for impromptu recording sessions. Along side, a brand new DJ app, which Marshall seem to be a bit reluctant to be adding stating: “Some may argue that DJs are the rock stars of the current generation of music lovers. While that remains to be seen, Marshall couldn’t ignore the fact that DJing is a popular way to enjoy music and connect with others.”

Whatever your music taste, there is no denying this is the new phone for music lovers.

You can find all the specification and information on the Marshall London Phone via the link from Marshall Headphones.

marshall london phone