Mother of London drops at Anatomie London

July 29, 2015

Fashion | by James Joseph

Anatomie London starts its final week in its pop-up guise, and there is exciting news for dwellers in the British Isles. Anatomie London has worked with Mother Of London to get their incredible designs over the stormy pond, and is now their only UK stockist!

At Stylenoir we are colossal fans of Mother Of London and it’s truly exciting to see this. Whats more the pieces of MOL curated by Anatomie London are some of the best. From the Szabo Sweater to the Lise Top.

But, more importantly, THAT JACKET, the one that caused so much controversy, the beautifully dark, detailed and empowered Asymmetrical leather piece. It’s simply one of the best dark style pieces every created and we’ve loved it for years.

Boned, detailed and real leather, the piece retails at a very reasonable £995, with price points for the other Mother Of London pieces ranging in the £100-300 mark.

Anatomie London closes on Saturday evening, the 1st of August. Don’t forget you can pick up a copy of Stylenoir Magazine while you’re there too!

mother of london jacket

mother of london sweater