Netflix Review: Gotham

December 2, 2015

Film | by James Joseph

Gotham takes us back to a time before Batman, to a time where Falcone and Maroni, the two mafia overlords of Gotham reign supreme. In a twenty-two part series we dive into Gotham’s underbelly in one of the best neo-noir creations to come out this decade.

The modern film noir cinematography and aesthetic of the entire series is simply beautiful. With the series following the early life of Jim Gordon, played by Ben McKenzie. McKenzie is nothing short of brilliant, creating the narrative of Gordon’s character, along with the trials and tribulations he faces.

Clearly the point of the series is to create or enforce origin stories for some of the greatest villains in Gotham’s history. Without going into any spoilers we do see obvious origin tales from villains such as The Penguin, Riddler and Poison Ivy. Alongside more subtle creations such as The Joker, who to this date has no origin story. Gotham have created their own world, and their own imagination onto the DC universe.

It’s that mix of attention to detail from the comics, and new creation that makes Gotham so thrilling.

David Mazouz plays a very convincing young Bruce Wayne, as he struggles with the death of his parents, supported by Albert (played by Sean Pertwee). Pertwee and the writers have adapted Albert significantly from the comics, but in my opinion for the better. His origin of having served in the military, possibly the SAS gives him much more edge, and could give an explication to how Bruce adopted training and a fetish for militarisation so quickly.

If you’re a fan of film noir, the DC universe, or even just the villains of Gotham, this series will pul you in and never let you go, until the final episode.