Why the new myspace is a win for the gothic subculture

December 15, 2012

Arts and Culture | by James Joseph

new myspace profileMyspace have released a completely ‘from scratch’ version of the past social network named aptly “new myspace” for now, and have invited some lucky users as part of a closed beta. So just why is the new myspace a win for the gothic [or any other] subculture?

It rests on one simple fact. Myspace have absolutely nailed the music player. I am both a user of Spotify and the new Myspace, in fact I’m such a religious user of Spotify that I don’t even have iTunes anymore. Yet, I’m already questioning whether the new Myspace will end my subscription; here’s why.

Do you remember when our dark subculture was about discovery, about finding new creation and sharing it among the rest of us? No one can deny Gothic is fiercely based on music since the 1980s and yet it keeps getting over ridden by fashion, style, and yes, Tumblr.

The new Myspace have given us that back. Your profile consists of the usual profile photo, cover photo, bio.. but now, profile song. You are now defined to someone coming across you for the first time, by music. That changes everything, but it’s just the beginning.

First of all the player is seamless, it sits at the bottom of the screen and stays there, you can browse as much as you want, and it will keep on playing. Simple, but worth mentioning.

new myspace profile

But the important piece is really the mixes, you can essentially create playlists and share them among your friends and further afield. Not only this, but if you do create mixes and share your favourite music, you begin to be listed on the artist’s page as a “top fan” promoting yourself in return for promoting the artist.

new myspace

It’s the roots of the gothic subculture in a network, sharing and discovering music, redefining movements and styles all through easy, uncomplicated, seamless steps.

As if proof of the pudding, I come to the end of this article and realise Spotify isn’t even open, while Myspace plays me my latest mix in the background.

To sign up for invites for new myspace visit New Myspace or if you are already a member connect with me at James Joseph New Myspace

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