Resident Evil 6 movie: Resident Evil Rises

April 21, 2014

Film | by James Joseph

Over the next couple of years our dark move dreams will come true. We will see both an Underworld 5 and a Resident Evil 6, and I simply cannot wait for either.

One of my personal favourite websites Bloody Disgusting announced some juicy details for Resident Evil 6 this week. First up Resident Evil 6 has a working title of ‘Resident Evil Rises’, writer and director Paul W.S. Anderson let it slip during a conference that it may be ‘Rising Resident Evil’ the previous sounds better, but hey either goes.

Second is that Li Bingbing will star in the movie, we’re obviously anticipating as Ada Wong again, as that would make logical sense! Then again, clone armies of Alice don’t make logical sense, so it could be all up in the air!

It’s exciting, and the film has a 2016 release date at the moment, which could be subject to change. With Milla Jovovich wrapping up filming in London for a previous film, perhaps, just perhaps we’re going to start seeing Jovovich sharing those amazing life loving behind the scenes posts of yet another glorious Resident Evil film later this year!