Resident Evil 6 postponed due to Milla Jovovich Pregnancy

August 20, 2014

Arts and CultureFilm | by James Joseph

The long awaited and talked about Resident Evil 6 has been postponed, as the RE franchise star has become pregnant. Milla Jovovich and her husband Paul Anderson the director of all Resident Evil movies have announced her pregnancy and therefore the delay of the movie.

We were really looking forward to this final movie of the franchise we’ve been covering Resident Evil The Final Chapter for some time, and we can’t say we’re too happy with the fact we’re looking at a year delay.

However, I suppose when it comes to the last ever RE to be made, perhaps having to wait is a good thing, instead of scoffing our cake, appreciating all the details is a much better way to enjoy it.

Let’s just put it this way, the last film better be good. We really don’t want a repeat of Retribution. Milla is always fantastic, but Paul, please lets get less cliche already, let’s hope this extra time allows more time for brilliant script writing.