Rombaud’s Renaissance

December 24, 2012

Editorial | by James Joseph

“She who has been the Queen of England on earth will today become a Queen in heaven.”

Alexander Ales quivered through his tears. The executioner Rombaud had hesitated, so taken by Anne Boleyn that he was visibly shaken. Rombaud found it so difficult to proceed that to distract the former Queen and for her to position her head correctly, he is said to have shouted, “Where is my sword?” moments before killing her.

This was the execution of Anne Boleyn, Queen of England and second wife to Henry the VIII. She is perhaps one of the most infamous women in British history and an iconic figure we have always intrigued.

A reputable Queen that had no burial and no grave, her husband leaving her in the scaffold of the execution for much time, failing to organise a funeral, burial or any respect.

This editorial ‘Rombaud’s Renaissance’ focuses on her Gothic and regal beauty, keeping styling to a minimum to really portray her empowerment. For perhaps she did not have dignity in death, but she will be remembered and romanticised for centuries to come.

Photography: Merry Phillips
MUA: Stephanie Stokkvik
Model: Marina Serbul @ Models 1
Styling: James Joseph

Jewellery: Imogen Belfield and Julia Burness

Rombaud's Renaissance

Dark Gothic Beauty


dark gothic beauty

rombauds renaissance