A run down of dark themed video games

April 28, 2016

Gaming | by daniel

From P.T, to Resident Evil and Silent Hill there are a whole host of horror games now on the market. With P.T being our current personal favourite, with the involvement of Norman Reedus.

These games have more impact than even the best horror movies because you are fully involved in a hands-on manner. They are a welcome change for when you are tired of playing mobile bingo games or other simplistic games on mobile apps. Here are some of the very best.

Silent Hill
When looking for pure horror, few games have been able to do it better than Silent Hill. The game combines grotesqueness with disturbing yet beautiful scenes. Some games rely on blood, mutilation and other such physical horror elements to freak out their audience. Others rely on psychological thrills. Silent Hill is a game that managed to combine both.

Alan Wake
This game is similar to Silent Hill in terms of the spooky environment even if the story isn’t quite as compelling. The game is a thriller in the real sense of it and is very challenging. You have to fight shadowy figures to uncover the secrets of the ghost town and gather enough memories to save the character’s lost wife.

Haunting Ground
This game is also known as Demento. It is a strong example on classic survival horror gaming. Produced by Capcom, the gameplay ensures you are going through a mental exercise in survival anytime you pick the console. In games such as Resident Evil, your character can load up on guns and ammo. Here, you are only reliant on wit!

This is another one of those powerful games that didn’t quite get the recognition they deserved. Known as Forbidden Siren in some places, you can play with 10 different playable characters and the game follows a non-linear episodic format. The game is an alien story and as the protagonist, you have to discover what is transpiring around you while attempting to stay alive.

Vampire: The Masquerade
If you are looking at completely embracing the world of darkness, this is the perfect game for you. You can consider it the World of Warcraft version for lovers of gothic and horror gaming. The game is based on a supernatural universe created by White Wolf and is a combination of RPG and horror. Like most good RPGs, this game will become a huge part of you in no time!

This is the oldest on this list and the most straightforward. It involves exploring haunted castles and searching for Count Dracula. The game is a favourite for horror gaming lovers because all iconic movie monsters you can think of are featured in this game include Medusa.

We have left out Resident Evil because you have probably played it already, not that it makes us any less excited about the movie. These games covered here are sure to give you a whole new experience in the dark themed gaming scene.

Silent Hill