Sailor Jerry Anthem – Where Eagles Dare

November 28, 2012

Arts and Culture | by James Joseph

Sailor Jerry has long been known for its mix of heritage, craftsmanship and rock and roll – never compromising on ideals or inclinations, influenced by the ethos of the father of old-school tattooing, Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins.

Over the years, Sailor Jerry spiced rum has paid homage to Collins’ legacy aligning itself with music, tattoo art and an outspoken attitude. To salute the last decade of Sailor Jerry mayhem, they have has released an outstanding, exhilarating film set to “Where Eagles Dare”, the 1979 punk anthem by The Misfits. Both Collins himself and the band are independent spirits, influencing generation after generation, without question. The short film takes footage from the vault, creating an exciting, raucous anthem free from expensive sets and actors, just raw, unadulterated, uncompromising attitude.

From the backyard barbecues, to the legendary Sailor Jerry Presents gigs and events, the full throttle film becomes an anthem of the Sailor Jerry way of life. With The Misfits not allowing their work to be commercially used, until now, it is simply an in-your-face testament to the rock and roll attitude of the rum’s fore-father who pioneered and innovated a way forward for a new generation and whose work is still revered to this very day. Like Sailor Jerry himself the rum is straight-up, no nonsense. Check out the Sailor Jerry Website for some killer recipes, awesome tattoo designs and more.

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