She Causes Gods To Melt

October 30, 2011

Illustration | by James Joseph


A spirit stretches, a silhouette flexes

within a shadow of azure and ivory, as if an angel awakes.

Surrounded by a column of vermillion

and violet light. Blazing, hypnotic, a siren of perfection, a venus of beauty.


Her skin shimmers like white gold,

glittering crimson, reflecting from the specks of vermillion.

Her scent alluring yet crystal, like droplets of mist placed upon a singular lone violet orchid within a meadow of lavender.

For this creature of divinity commands breath from those who lay eyes upon her,

as if they become sunflowers yearning for the radiant glow of the glistening Sun.

Her unrivalled beauty the subject of non, existent, dreams.


Grandfather clocks miss a tock, a pocket watch cracks like ageing rock.

A life, a divinity that exists across infinity,

a spirit so magnificent that she retains the immensity, of time itself,

she causes GODS to melt.


But a Goddess she is not, for creation is forgot,

her relentless beauty, a spell to all not worthy,

the epitome of anatomy, an everlasting mystery…

Words by James Joseph
Illustration by Olivia Rose
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