Stylenoir Magazine Issue Six with Quiksilver cover

June 20, 2016

Fashion | by James Joseph

It’s been three years since we launched Stylenoir Magazine into print. Over the last five issues we’ve had some incredible contributors and talent involved, and this issue is no different. For issue six we decided to try something a little different. Stylenoir collaborated with Quiksilver in a cover celebrating the Quiksilver art prints.

The cover celebrates Quiksilver’s new design direction presented by creative director Josh Rush and artistic director Luka Duchateau. With brand new designs, hailing from Quiksilver’s attitude and raw art direction.

The print itself pays homage to the infamous ‘Warpaint’ print of the 1980s. With Luka Duchateau stating: “the markings and vibrant colours that were incorporated into the print are a reference to the omni present traditional african artwork that we encountered during the South African trip.”

For us at Stylenoir it is the first time we’ve placed artwork on the cover, and it’s an absolute pleasure to break into new territory, showing that dark culture and adventure can align to create something exciting and substantially different.

The issue is OUT NOW and is available in select stockists as well as online – BUY IN PRINT | BUY IN DIGITAL PDF

stylenoir magazine quiksilver cover