Stylenoir Magazine: The print launch

May 24, 2013

Fashion | by James Joseph

stylenoir magazineIt has been a week since we launched our debut print issue of the magazine, and what a week it has been. After months of hard work, countless hours of preparation and editing, on Thursday the 15th of May, we launched our debut print issue with a sensational party in central London.

It really is a big moment for us, and perhaps the greatest moment of Stylenoir’s four year journey so far. Launching into print just 4 days after our fourth anniversary was certainly special, and without doubt something to be proud of.

The response has been overwhelming, within this first week of the launch we’re already in four countries with stockists as far as Japan, it’s hard for us to keep up with orders and the colossal outturn for our launch event on the 15th of May was really special to see the support that we have from the industry.

It’s fantastic for us to have another platform to share our interpretations and thoughts on dark culture and dark style. We’ve pioneered this movement online for so long, we’ve been the champions of this niche, and we are so excited to carry this through into print where Stylenoir can reach a whole host of new readers and audience.

Stylenoir teamed up with Crystal Head Vodka for the print magazine launch, which we couldn’t have been more pleased about. The brand put an amazing amount of effort into the event, and with our ethos and aesthetics combined it created a truly special atmosphere.

The first issue itself is entitled ‘Retribution’, perhaps a bold title for a debut issue. But the simple fact is; we’ve been leading dark culture online for some time, and we wanted to put things right, to put a stake in the ground and state how it should be. Debunking misconceptions and laying out how we plan to continue.

Buy Stylenoir Magazine from the aforementioned link, a list of global stockists will be published soon.

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stylenoir magazine

stylenoir print party

a la disposition at stylenoir party

stylenoir magazine event

james joseph at stylenoir magazine party

stylist suzie street with stylenoir magazine

merry phillips at stylenoir


stephanie brown at Stylenoir