The Stylenoir Top 10 Creatives 2014 Chosen By Readers

December 21, 2014

Arts and CultureFashion | by James Joseph

Stylenoir Creatives 2014

Each year we look at who our readers most admired, looked at and read about, giving an official, definitive guide of the top 10 creatives chosen by Stylenoir readers. In 2013 we saw actress Milla Jovovich top the list with a majority of fashion designers and photographers making up the top 10. This year it has been all change, with some welcome surprises. We always find it fascinating just who makes the most read list, and it really does show who has been creating great dark aesthetics for the past year.

So without further ado, here is the top ten, beginning with 10th place:

10. Casstronaut

Our regular contributor Floriana Serani introduced myself and Stylenoir to Cassie. A brilliant illustrator who also dabbles in blogging and photography.

We produced the Dark Dressers: Casstronaut piece with Cassie, which the readership of is just getting her on to the bottom step of the list.

To be honest, we already anticipated seeing the piece doing well, and for the latest print issue; Hocus Pocus, we featured Cassie in our Outro section.

She describes herself as a “stylised Nazgul”, anyone who claims they look like a dark rider from Lord Of The Rings is cool with us!

Check out Casstronaut’s illustration here.

9. Eve Salvail
It’s no secret that Eve is possibly my favourite model of all time. Her appearance in 5th Element is still one of my favourite movie scenes to date. For Stylenoir we interviewed her for our first print issue, but it is her Model Profile which is getting all the attention online.

In my opinion whilst not fitting the ‘dark’ remit, Eve fits a lot of what Stylenoir is about. Individuality, creativity and the drive to just do it and not care what others think. It is that attitude that drove Eve to outstanding success, and make her one of the most revered models of the past 20 years.

It’s obvious we need to post up our interview with the iconic 90s model and actress, as you are all calling out for more about Eve.

8. Alice Kelson

Alice Kelson is an Australian model, who is creating waves in our subculture, and now even further afield.

We first came across her for her editorial photoshoot by Peter Coulson, a noir aesthetic that was as minimal as it was beautifully dark.

As this gained popularity Kelson modelled for one of our favourite brands Disturbia, then going on to model the new campaign of iconic fashion brand ‘The Kooples’ which has certainly propelled her into the mainstream.

Alice Kelson epitomises the Stylenoir aesthetic, and you our readers have shown that, with Alice the 8th most viewed this year. Rest assured we will be featuring her a lot more in the future!

viola von hell7. Viola Von Hell

Viola Von Hell is an tattooist from the Electric Tattoo parlour: The Ten Bells. It’s an Italian art paradise in which Viola produces some brilliantly beautiful tattoo work.

We featured Viola with in the Dark Dressers column of Stylenoir, and it is that piece that has put Viola firmly into the top ten of the year.

Viola claims her style inspirations to mainly be from eastern tradition, citing a visit to Tokyo as that kick start to a new way of styling herself.

Her artwork has now crossed mediums with our friends at Blackblessed creating a collaboration with Viola Von Hell. Producing a number of garments with her tattoo designs, making them wearable without the need for ink!

Checkout Ten Bells and Blackblessed for more.

Nikki Moose Dirty Flaws
6. Dirty Flaws [Nikki Moose]

I just had to look back through the last two years of these ‘awards’ because I’m very surprised Nikki hasn’t appeared sooner.

To me Nikki is one of the cornerstones of dark style online, she holds territory over the middle and ‘deep-south’ of the USA with her “Gothic Americana”.

Dirty Flaws was one of the first dark style blogs and continues to excel at bringing an aesthetic to us, producing some copy cats along the way.

We featured Nikki in the Utopia issue of the print magazine, but it is her accompanying Dark Dresser Feature which is propelling her onto this list in a well deserved 7th place.

5. Trish Summerville

Trish Summerville is one our my personal favourite people to be involved with Stylenoir this year.

As the costume designer for the Hunger Games and ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’, she has contributed to the aesthetic we promote heavily.

The piece that has been getting all the attention is a piece focusing on Trish Summerville designing for the Hunger Games. However for the Utopia issue we teamed up with Trish to produce a full feature interview with her, which again was one of my favourite features to date.

That interview is being brought online in early January, so keep an eye out for it.
But for now Trish has placed a well deserved 5th in our top read list, and for that I’m very pleased.

lydia pang dark style
4. Lydia Pang

Like many of our Dark Dresser’s Lydia Pang was introduced to myself and Stylenoir by long time contributor Floriana Serani.

Lydia sits as head of visual for M&C Saatchi and probably won’t mind me saying, is a self proclaimed “goth grown up”. Her love for the culture and aesthetic is infectious, standing by her style and visions with strength and passion.

The piece getting all the attention is her Dark Dressers Interview. We also featured her in our Utopia issue, but unfortunately missed out in having her involved with the latest print issue.

It’s very obvious to us that all of you love Lydia’s style and creativity as much as we do, so we will be working hard to get her more involved in the future!

Viktoria Modesta3. Viktoria Modesta

I’ve known Viktoria for some time now, and she’s always had a certain presence, but what an explosion! Over the last two weeks her piece #Prototype is taking the world by storm, kids scrawling her name and logo on anything they can find, even themselves! From pen to tattoos. Which is an absolute reminiscence of the video release for the song itself.

It’s so well deserved to, we cannot wait to see what this brings for Viktoria, after many years of hard work from her, a certain turn in direction and the involvement of some fantastic people has prepared 2015 as possibly the best year to come for her.

Make sure you check out Prototype. We featured the song and video of Viktoria Modesta’s #prototype so you don’t even have to leave the site. Watch it now, it’s epic.

kyla la grange magazine cover t
2. Kyla La Grange

From one musician to another; it’s no surprise that Kyla La Grange is so high up this list for 2014 as she just became our cover star for the Hocus Pocus Autumn Winter 2014 issue.

As I’ve said many times now I’d initially heard “Cut Your Teeth” and had fallen in love with the track, then going back through her musical works and seeing her transition from dark to light all of the team felt she was a fantastic fit for us.

It seems many of you agree with her placing so highly on this list for 2014, let’s hope it continues into 2015.

Our cover feature editorial with Kyla La Grange wont be online for sometime, but if you do want to see it you can get a digital or print copy of the latest issue from

1. Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich gets the top spot for the second year running. Her place in dark culture as well as her juxtaposed love of life has again made her the most read about creative on Stylenoir online.

We are just as big fans of her as you our readers are, and have dedicated a side column snippet to her for the last several months. Whether it is her incredible dark style work for the Resident Evil films, or, her ability to traverse to represent that style to the mainstream with Vogue and Elle covers, each and everything she touches turns out awesome.

We absolutely love her, but next year lets see if she can get knocked of the top spot by someone completely new, fresh and beautifully macabre.