Teva X Han Kjobenhavn

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A daring Dutch aesthetic

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By James Joseph

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Footwear brand Teva and apparel brand Han Kjobenhavn have collaborated for 2016 to create a brand new footwear collection, with a daring Dutch aesthetic.

What is instantly striking, is the campaign. Dark, bold, mysterious and perhaps even a little twisted. It’s certain that the collaboration between the two brands is here to leave its mark. We absolutely adore the campaign imagery to accompany the collection. It’s not often that the creative grabs attention quite like this.

As for the collection, the signature minimalist aesthetic that is so well known from Han Kjobenhavn is prominent. The entire range is completely monochromatic, which only adds the icing on the cake for us. The strength of the monochrome against the bold lines creates for some really interesting, unexpected shapes.

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Teva X Han Kjobenhavn

Teva X Han Kjobenhavn

Teva X Han Kjobenhavn

Teva X Han Kjobenhavn footwear

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